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Our law office in Cape Coral and locations in Ft Myers and Naples provide several resources
for individuals concerned with family law matters including divorce, visitation and child support.

As attorneys, we understand how difficult it can be to make appropriate legal decisions;
we believe it's important to have as much information as possible before you make a decision.

Please take sometime to review the resources we've gathered for you below and
if you still have any questions contact us via email or call us at 239-829-0166.

Links To Websites With Divorce Information

Free Divorce Guides

2017 Florida Divorce Guide

A basic guide to the legal process behind divorce in the United States and Canada. No two divorces are exactly alike. Every marital breakup has unique legal, financial and/or parenting issues that require their own resolution strategies. But every divorce undergoes the same general journey from initiation to closure. Whether you and your spouse make this journey cheaper and faster is up to you, but the destination is always the same: from shared to separate lives.

2017 Men's Divorce Guide in Florida

Though the law in Florida states that men and women should be treated equally in family court, the reality is that men face an uphill battle — especially when it comes to timesharing arrangements with their children. Our team of family lawyers and paralegals who are dedicated to helping you get as much time with your children as is possible and appropriate. We ensure that you won’t be treated like a “number” by the court system. Instead, you will be respected as we fight for your full legal rights, securing a fair, equitable divorce outcome.

2017 Childrens Divorce Guide

How do you tell the kids about a divorce? Will they blame you? How can you protect them from the conflict? Will they be afraid to get married? How do you bring structure back into your family life? These are just some of the many questions that parents struggle with during and after divorce. This special guide provides you with hand-picked articles, book excerpts, advice and more.

2017 Florida Divorce Mediation Guide

In this Mediation Guide you’ll find articles, book excerpts, advice and more to help you understand some of the benefits and limitations of this out-of-court dispute resolution method.

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