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Men’s rights attorney can explain Florida’s Law.

Attorney Matthew P. Irwin emphasizes the representation of men because they feel that men have come out on the short end of the stick for too long in Florida's divorce matters. Many fathers do not see their children enough and as a result end up paying too much in child support. Men have equal protection under the family laws of Florida when it comes to time sharing with their children.

Florida recognizes that both parents are equally important when it comes to the rearing and time sharing with their children. Often, the time sharing arrangements that are agreed to or court Ordered leave men feeling like they are "intruders", "visitors" and/or "part-time" parents when, in fact, they are an integral part of the lives as well as the developmental stages of their children. Also, many husbands are ordered to pay too much spousal support for too long a period of time. Men have rights. I can help you assert them effectively.

We at The Men's Rights Law Firm believe that the men we represent need a voice so that their needs can be recognized and be put to the forefront. Men's issues need not only to be put before the court but additionally need to be recognized by their significant others, mothers, children, and opposing counsel, who are all part of the equation when involved in the family law system.

We have seen numerous men over the years that have been involved in the legal system who were confused and uninformed regarding their rights as a man, husband and father. This lack of information has left most men with expectations, too high or too low, that were not realistic. Many men feel that the family law system is biased in favor of women.

Understand Your Legal Rights

Men’s rights attorneys

Men that are involved in family disputes need personal support, as well as professional help, when explaining their legal rights. These are highly emotional times when feelings run rampant and often cloud otherwise good judgment. Decisions are made at these emotional and volatile times with agreements signed. Later the responsibilities, both personal and financial, are overwhelming. Many men regret entering into these agreements at all. This causes many men to have to go back to court to modify the terms. This causes more anxiety, frustration and despair as well additional costs and attorney's fees.

Men need to resolve their legal matters with the legal information and counsel so that they can make informed decisions in a calm and reasoned manner. Men need to make decisions that not only resolve the present problems, but incorporate long range strategies with foresight, to help deal with the future events that always will have to be dealt with even in the best of circumstances.

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Advocate for Men's Rights

We at The Men's Rights Law Firm understand and can empathize with our clients. We are husbands, fathers and stepfathers as well. We understand and are sensitive to the emotions that run high during these trying times when men are going through the breakup of their families. We will be there for you, you will not be alone, we care. The Men's Rights Law Firm is aggressive yet a caring and professional advocate for men's rights.

Men in our system are entitled to the same rights as women. There was a time that men were not even considered as caretakers and custodians of their children. Women automatically received custody during the child's "tender years". That is not the case anymore. Men have fought hard for equal rights in the child custody arena. Men have an equal right to custody (time sharing) of their children as well as shared parental responsibility in the present family law system. It is the law. Justice is available not only for the parents but for their children as well.

When it comes to your family issues regarding child rearing and time sharing we at The Men's Rights Law Firm believe that it is in everyone's best interest to craft an agreement that is a win win for everyone involved. Why leave the decision to a stranger, the Judge assigned to your case. Who knows what your family needs are better than you? Of course if amicable dispute resolution fails we are always prepared to take up the fight and aggressively pursue your legal rights in a court of law.

Men's Rights Attorney — We Are Prepared

Prepared to Represent You

We keep the client's best interest in mind. It is easy to litigate but the expense is most times not worth the monetary cost. We have a strong presence in and out of court. But we believe that in some cases the best way to resolve these personal, emotional issues is through mediation and collaboration. This insures that the client's emotional and financial resources can be protected as well as a way to obtain the best possible result for the future of their fractured families. On the other hand, our opposition should not take kindness for weakness. We are always preparing, from the day you walk into our office, to take your case to court. We are always prepared to represent you aggressively.

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