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The divorce laws in Florida generally entitle men to the same rights as women.

The experienced attorneys at Men's Rights Law Firm in Cape Coral focus solely on the domestic relations laws that impact your life.

We work hard to ensure that your rights are represented and upheld throughout your family law matter, whether it's divorce, child support, alimony, paternity or any other domestic issue you are going through.

Florida is a no-fault divorce state, which means that your marriage can be dissolved if it is "irretrievably broken".

We are experienced in dealing with all aspects of a Florida divorce: custody, equitable distribution, alimony, child support, and paternity issues.

If you are unhappy with the result in your divorce case, we also handle appeals.

Don't try to fight the legal system alone, we are here to help you with...

Your case will be personally handled by our skilled and caring team. We have years of experience handling divorce and family law cases in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties.

Great people fast service and very professional I went into the office thinking the worst left the office and total faith that everything will be handled to the best of their ability I really appreciate these people and their hard work.
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Helping Fathers Get Custody

Our firm has years of successful practice in helping fathers to obtain legal custody of their child(ren).

For fathers in Florida, custody can be a challenging matter to win, even though the legal system does not discriminate against dads.

We advise all our clients to be prepared for a tough battle, especially if the mother is also filing for custody.

Read our list of the Top 20 Custody Rights Factors courts consider when hearing a child custody case.

Legal Help For Fathers With Child Support

If your legal domestic issues involve child support matters, our experienced attorneys can help you through the process.

Child support is a legal duty paid by both parents. The amount of child support that one parent pays to the other parent is determined by the Florida Child Support Guidelines. There is a formula that is used to calculate the amount of child support to be paid by both parents. The child(ren) have the right to be supported by both parents.

The Men's Rights Law Firm has years of experience in handling child support matters in Florida. We assist our clients with their initial child support calculations as well as modification of existing Orders.

Great News for Men's Rights!

Over the years, there has been a hard-fought battle for men's equality in order to change Florida law regarding our children. That fight finally produced fruit through our legislature.

There has been a complete overhaul in Florida law regarding the time sharing arrangements awarded in divorce and paternity cases. Instead of one parent (usually the mother) being awarded the status of “primary residential parent”, we now have "parenting plans" where responsibility for every aspect of the children's lives must be spelled out.

Men will no longer be labeled as second class parents stuck with "visitation" (a label used in prison when someone comes to see a prisoner) with our children, but with specific rights through parenting plans.

“Custody”, “primary residential parent” and “visitation” are now abolished in domestic relations court in Florida! We now can enjoy co-parenting our children through parenting plans.

We Fight For Men's Rights

The attorneys and staff at Men's Rights Law Firm understand and can empathize with our clients. We know that your case is the most important event in your life right now. We will be there for you. You will not be alone. We care. Give us the opportunity to help you through these trying times.

We serve Lee, Charlotte and Collier counties with locations in Cape Coral, Ft Myers and Naples Florida.

Men's Rights In Divorce

men's rights in divorce

We believe that the men and fathers that we represent need a voice so that their needs can be recognized and prioritized. Men's issues need to be put before the court and recognized by their significant others, mothers, children, and opposing counsel, who are all part of the equation when involved in the family law system.

Father's Rights In Florida

father's rights in florida

Florida laws to protect children are established and working. But the laws for a father's rights are not as well established and as a result, fathers must fight for their rights. A father's rights in Florida are not automatically provided. Affirmative action by the father must be initiated if he is to protect his rights under the current law.

Domestic Violence On Men

domestic violence against men

Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior seen in many types of relationships. The damaging effects of domestic violence can impact every aspect of the victim's life, including family and children. Domestic violence can include verbal threats, physical restraint, stalking, harassment and physical injury or attempts at injury.

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