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Should A Father Demand Visitation Rights?

Absolutely. A father who does not assert his right to shared time (visitation) and shared parenting (custody) runs the risk of losing his rights. Although Florida law gives equal rights to timesharing and parenting to both parents, there is still a bias in the system that favors women. A father who does not assert his rights firmly runs the risk of a parenting plan and timesharing plan that favors the mother.

The key to protecting a father’s rights in a custody case is knowing what his rights are and asserting them without being overly demanding or uncooperative. Under Florida law, each parent should have equal parenting rights and equal time with their children unless it can be established that equal parenting and timesharing would not be in the best interests of the children. Overall, it’s best for a father to hire a lawyer experienced in protecting men’s rights to ensure their rights are protected.

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