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Paternity Rights for Men

What Are Paternity Actions?

Men's Rights Law Firm can help established paternity rights for men

Paternity Actions are filed in order to assist a parent in acknowledging and protecting important visitation (time sharing), custody (time sharing schedule and parenting plans), and support rights.

Who can file an action?

Then, once paternity is established, the court may determine custody (time sharing schedule and parenting plans), payment of child support (present and retroactive), payment of attorney fees, and costs of bringing the action.

Establishing Paternity Rights for Men

About Legal Paternity

Although having one's name on a child's birth certificate does not legally establish paternity, it can be used. Legal paternity can only be established through a paternity agreement (time sharing schedule and parenting plans) signed by both parties, or by a court action.

If an individual believes he is not the father of a child, he may contest a child support order through a paternity action. In this action, the mother, potential father, and child may need to submit to a DNA test for genetics testing to determine the father's identity. We will represent you through the paternity action and inform you of your rights as a father. What you are entitled to legally if paternity was established.

Understanding Paternity Rights for Men

Differences Between Legal and Biological Paternity

legal maze of Paternity Rights for Men.

The legal father of a child is recognized by the court system as the child's father. He has all the legal rights and responsibilities of and to the child whether or not he is the biological father. The biological father of a child may or may not be the male established by a paternity action to be the legal father of the child.

When a child is born during marriage, the husband is presumed to be the child's father, even if the wife was known to be having an affair during the marriage. If another individual believes that he is the biological father of the child, he can bring a paternity action to become the legal father. If the judge decides that it is in the best interests of the child for the non-biological father to remain the legal father, then that will be the outcome, unless reversed on appeal.

We Fight for Paternity Rights for Men

Let Our Team Personally Guide You Through The Legal Maze

Our firm can analyze your particular situation and determine the best course of action to establish paternity. Following a successful action, our firm assists with implementing visitation (time sharing) schedules and modifications in child custody (time sharing schedule and parenting plans).

If you believe you are the father of a child and wish to ascertain fathers' rights; or if you believe you are not the father and wish to contest child support orders, we can help guide you through the process.

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