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What Is The Standard Visitation Schedule In Florida?

Since Florida’s custody laws were overhauled in 2008, a “standard” visitation schedule does not really exist. However, the law dictates that both parents should receive equal time with their children unless it can be shown that equal time with each parent would be detrimental to the children. Timesharing schedules may also be uneven if the schedule of one parent or other circumstances would not facilitate equal shared time. For example, if one parent’s work schedule requires long periods of time out of town, that parent may receive less time with his or her children. Likewise, if a parent lives in a different city than the schools where the children attend, that parent may receive less time with the children during the school year. However, in the latter case, the out-of-town parent may receive more time with the children when school is not in session to make up for the lost visitation time the rest of the year.

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