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Can A Domestic Violence Injunction Cause Loss Of Job?

Depending on your job and your employer’s policies, a domestic violence injunction can result in termination of employment, because it is a public record that employers can uncover in any background search. This may also impact your ability to get a job or receive promotions at your current place of employment. Domestic violence injunctions also impact certain civil rights, including the ability to possess a firearm, and the judge can order you to attend an intervention program, pay child support, or pay spousal support. The judge can also strip you of your right to see your children or require that all contact with your children be supervised.

If your spouse or partner has requested a domestic violence injunction against you, it is important to defend your rights immediately before these consequences can manifest. A men’s rights attorney can request a continuance of an injunction hearing so that he or she can prepare to present a proper defense on your behalf — a right you’re entitled to by law.

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