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Car Wash For Homeless Men Lee County Community Work

The Men’s Rights Law Firm was proud to hold a Charity Car Wash on April 17, 2011. Proceeds went to Ann's Restoration House - a wonderful organization helping men in our community. Ann's Restoration House is a Christian transitional residence that was established for persons who battle mental illness and substance abuse. It is committed to providing a structured, supportive program for those seriously seeking to obtain and maintain long term sobriety. A request for admittance is followed by a face to face interview and assessment to determine eligibility. If the applicant meets criteria he will be accepted regardless of race, religion, education, social standing or sexual orientation. The program is faith-based, and is founded on Biblical teachings, and the 12 Steps of Recovery as adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous. The 12 Steps have played an essential role in successful recovery for hundreds of thousands of people for many years. They provide moral guidance for ethical living, and when coupled with Bible principles are an invaluable means towards inner healing.