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Our attorneys are familiar with how courts handle modification of child support and alimony judgments. Because issues can be complex, divorce and child support legal advice from a qualified attorney is recommended in order to protect your rights.

While it is possible to get your child support or alimony judgment modified, it usually requires a modification of child support and alimony judgmentssubstantial change in circumstances and a compelling reason to do so. A qualified lawyer can help you demonstrate to the court that the changes in your circumstances—or those of your former spouse—are significant enough to warrant a modification.

If you are not familiar with Florida law as it pertains to child support or alimony, we recommend you also read these free articles by our attorneys:

Modifying Alimony Judgments

Not every form of alimony can be modified. Periodic alimony payments can be modified if there is a compelling reason to do so, such as the paying spouse losing his job unexpectedly and unwillingly without replacement income likely in the near future. Or, if the receiving spouse gets employed and is able to financially sustain themselves, the court may decide a judgment modification is warranted.

Other types of alimony, such as a lump sum payment, rehabilitative alimony and reimbursement alimony usually cannot be modified. They have special circumstance that make modification unnecessary or impractical. For more information on these types of alimony, please read our article on Alimony.

Modifying Child Support Judgments

Modification of child support judgments are not uncommon. In order for a child support judgment to be modified, the circumstances of one or both parents must have changed significantly. Loss of job, promotion, or a move to another state are examples of significant changes.

Though common, changes to child support orders are not granted without question. The parent seeking the modification must prove there is a compelling reason to grant the change. In addition, a modification of child support is not retroactive—past due support payments cannot be reduced or modified in most cases. For these reasons, it’s recommended that you get child support legal advice from a qualified Collier, Charlotte or Lee County family law attorney.

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