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Fighting Dependency Action

When accused of abuse, negligence or abandonment in a dependency action, a father has rights and attorney Matthew P. Irwin has the experience in protecting those rights and defending fathers against false allegations. As a men’s rights lawyer in Florida, Mr. Irwin knows that dependency actions can be frightening and that the child abuse laws regarding such actions are confusing.

The first thing you need to know is that being accused of abuse, negligence or abandonment of your children in a dependency action doesn’t mean you’re guilty. The party that initiated the action, usually the Department of Children and Families, must prove that the alleged actions took place. In obtaining evidence to prove the alleged actions, they must follow certain rules and not violate your rights. In order to ensure your rights are protected and that inadmissible evidence isn’t used against you, it’s advisable to hire a fathers’ rights attorney who is familiar with men’s rights in a dependency action. Mr. Irwin is available for a free consultation by calling toll-free: 866-995-0166.

What is a Dependency Action

Why is a Father’s Rights Attorney Needed?

A dependency action is a legal action designed to protect minor children from abuse, neglect, abandonment and other unsafe situations in their home. Anyone who believes that a child is subject to these kinds of situations may report it to the Department of Children and Families (DCF) or a law enforcement agency. The DCF will obtain legal papers granting them authority to investigate and, if appropriate, remove the child from a potentially dangerous home. The reporting person can be a parent, grandparent or anyone aware of the situation.

While the child abuse laws that created dependency actions are greatly needed and are intended to keep children safe, they are, unfortunately, sometimes abused. Sometimes an ex-spouse or the parent of an ex-spouse reports abuse or neglect to initiate a dependency action prior to an attempt to get custody of the child. There may not be any abuse or neglect going on at all, but they believe the dependency action will assure they get custody. Whenever they receive a report of abuse, neglect or abandonment of a child, the DCF is required by law to investigate. Sometimes DCF investigators, in their zeal to protect children, make mistakes and don’t follow all the rules for obtaining evidence. These mistakes can violate the defendant’s rights if they are not caught and brought to the court’s attention. When DCF violates a father’s rights, an attorney can sometimes get the entire case thrown out because DCF won’t have enough evidence to support their case.

Attorneys like Matthew P. Irwin can help men protect their rights when they are accused in a dependency action. Especially if the Department of Children and Families has removed your child or children from your home, you need a lawyer in Florida to help you act quickly and get your children back home. Mr. Irwin can give you an initial consultation regarding your case and explain your rights regarding child abuse laws and dependency actions. You can arrange for a free consultation with our fathers’ rights attorneyson our Free Consults page Or Call us toll-free today at 866-995-0166.

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