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Florida Law On Father's Rights

If you’re a father, rights to time with your children and to have custody of your children are the same for you as they are for their mother, and they are protected by Florida family law. Lawyer Matthew P. Irwin is dedicated to aggressively fighting for those rights for men who want to be good fathers for their children. Despite the law, prejudice and bias against men exist when it comes to visitation, child support and custody. Our attorneys can help you overcome prejudice and bias in court and protect your right to be an active and engaged parent to your children.

The following articles provide additional information about your rights as a father:

For Every Father, Rights for Parenting are the Same as for Mothers

While women were most frequently awarded status as the primary residential parent with physical custody of the child, men were stuck with “visitation” (a label used in prison when someone comes to see a prisoner) and paying child support.

Lawyers like Mr. Irwin and other men’s rights advocates were finally heard in the Florida legislature and the law was amended to give men the same rights as women in terms of child custody, visitation, child support and other parenting issues.

The new law abolished terms like “custody,” “primary residential parent” and “visitation,” and instituted co-parenting, time sharing and parenting plans. Under the new law fathers are assumed to have equal rights as mothers and time with the child is supposed to be divided equally between father and mother unless cause for another arrangement can be shown.

Ensure that Your Rights are Protected

Although Florida’s new law recognizes that both parents are equally important to raising a child and gives men as many rights as women, the revised laws are new and a bias against men still exists in the minds of many judges and attorneys.

A divorce or custody is a highly emotional and often volatile time, and men tend to make decisions that are clouded by anger and frustration. Without guidance, they often agree to arrangements that leave them feeling like an intruder, visitor or part-time parent. It is also common for fathers to end up paying too much child support. Later the responsibilities, both personal and financial, become overwhelming and they regret entering into these agreements at all. This takes them back to court in an attempt to modify the terms, which leads to more anxiety, frustration and despair as well additional legal costs.

This doesn’t have to be the case. With the help of a qualified and experienced divorce and custody attorney, men can make informed decisions that not only resolve the present problems but also plan for the future. Mr. Irwin has seen how men are affected by ill-advised parenting plans and can help you develop a plan with a long-term strategy you can live with. With the right parenting and time sharing plan in place, you cut down on stress, frustration and legal fees—resulting in a better situation for everyone.

Father Rights Consultation is Absolutely Free

No other South Florida family law lawyer is as dedicated, focused and experienced in protecting men’s rights in issues of child custody, visitation and support as Mr. Irwin. If you would like to talk about your custody or child support case, Mr. Irwin is happy to talk with you for free. Protect your rights as a father, rights to share custody and parenting time with your kids. You can arrange for a free divorce and child custody consultation with our attorneys on our Free Consults page. Or Call us toll-free today at 866-995-0166.

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