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About Father’s Rights in Child Support

In Florida, every father has rights when child support for his children is being determined in a custody case. In fact, thanks to a change in laws that took effect in 2008, fathers have the same rights as mothers when it comes to paying or receiving child support. However, many men frequently end up paying too much child support because they don’t understand their rights. Matthew P. Irwin is one of the few men’s rights attorneys in Charlotte, Lee and Collier counties. His Florida family law firm’s experience in helping divorced fathers avoid excessive child support payments can be put to work for you.

If You’re a Father, your Rights in Child Support Calculations are Based on Child’s Needs and Parents’ Income

A father’s rights in child support matters are essentially limited to being considered equal with the mother, with no bias as to which parent is going to pay child support payments. Under Florida’s old rules, the mother was generally assumed to have primary custody unless shown that she was unfit to be the custodial parent. This generally left the father paying child support. Under the new rules child support is calculated strictly based on the child’s needs and each parent’s ability to meet those needs.

Considerations figured into child support payments include:

fathers rights in child support

If one parent ends up with the bulk of expenses, either through actual payments like insurance premiums or through expenses associated with having the child for more time, the other parent will be required to pay child support. In many cases the father does end up paying child support, but there are also many cases in which the mother pays child support to the father.

For more information on how child support is calculated, please visit our Child Support page.

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